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Are you looking to invest in an asset that guarantees a fantastic monthly return on investments while appreciating

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Do you want to earn a passive income to retire with

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Partner with us to own or manage a gas plant

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Telement Energy through our one gas initiative intends to partner with 105 franchisees nationwide to operate a retail chain of mini gas plants across the country.

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One Gas Project

One Gas Project

This PROJECT was concieved, designed and developed to use telemetry technology powered by a radar guided sensor, an innovative mobile app and an improved logistics system to ensure that the delivery of LPG and movement of LPG cylinders to end users increasingly becomes a safer and more convenient experience.

Our mobile app combined with  delivery system /strategy will eventually phase out the CURRENT business model of  bulk distributors (storing LPG in unsafe storages) but still providing them  an income from distributing  LPG to their customers as our agents within their community.


The one-gas technology will be powered by IOT telemetry sensors designed for remote monitoring of gas level in LPG tanks. The data generated be these sensors will be used by our software to intelligently process customer orders and monitor logistics/deliveries.

The kit is designed for mounting on domestic installations, LPG refueling stations and industrial systems. This clearly gives Telement Energy an advantage as the sensors can be installed on all functional gas plants to improve efficiency and maximize the asset for faster returns on investment.